The Start of a Kid’s Birthday Party

I have never performed at a birthday party where all of the kids arrived together the minute the party started. The moments before the party is supposed to begin can be stressful for any host, as last minute preparations and details are completed. That stress is exacerbated when you have twenty 4-year olds soon to arrive and nothing to occupy them with until the main activity begins. Here are 4 suggestions for ”Welcome to the party” activities that will make the arrival of your guests fun (and ease them right into the party).

1) Coloring: Have crayons and paper out for the kids to draw and color. Kids love coloring and it can definitely occupy the time it will take the majority of the kids to arrive (some are always late). Helpful hints: Don’t offer markers and make sure you cover whatever surface you want them to draw on (tablecloth over the coffee table, newspaper over the living room table, a tablecloth on the floor, etc).

If you want to make it more exciting instead of blank white paper, you can go to the Dollar Store and pick up a bunch of coloring books. However, the coolest coloring activity that the kids really, really like is the cardboard houses/boats/castles. Click here to see some of them on Amazon. Although they are definitely more expensive than coloring books, the house can be saved and kept as a nice reminder of the party (all of the kids can put their names on it).

So much fun!

So much fun!

2) Arts and Crafts:  An arts and crafts table is another nice way for all of the kids to hang out and relax before all of their friends arrive. Calm activities are key. :-) One type of creative craft for the kids is hat-making.  The kids love this, and it can also serve as a very easy and inexpensive party favor.  Oriental Trading has tons of hat-making projects to choose from.    Here are some other crafty projects from Oriental Trading.  This company is huge and can definitely simplify your planning.

3) Hired Help: Many of my previous clients have hired a face painter.  When the kids get to the party, they can go right over and get a tattoo on their face, hand, or arm.  If you don’t want to spend the extra money, a lot of people do it themselves.  Have your friend or older daughter/son get the appropriate paints and practice drawing a few items a few days before the party. This website is a great place to start learning the basics!  Helpful hint: I never recommend a balloon artist at the start of the party.  Balloons will pop, kids will lose them, and they will be in the way of any activities that you have planned.

4) Pizza making: If you’re up for it, a really fun activity is for all of the kids to make their own individual pizza.  You need adults helping the children, of course, but the kids love it.  On the table, have dough, shredded cheese, and marinara sauce.  Helpful hint: Roll the dough into circles ahead of time, so all the kids have to do is add the sauce and cheese.  When they finish, write their name on a popsicle stick and put the stick in the pizza.  When it’s time to eat, the kids eat what they made! Here’s a great link for a pizza-making party! pizza making party 2pizza-friends

Regardless of what the kids do when they get to the party, I guarantee they will be completely entertained, focused, and laughing non-stop for the entire 60-minute show. When you hire me, your party will be a lot less stressful for you and a lot more fun for your child.

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