Recommended Venues For Your Child’s Birthday.

In over 24 years as a Children’s Magician, I’ve performed in almost every imaginable place. From the common venues such as houses, apartments, parks and restaurants, I’ve also performed on boats, balconies, in movie theaters, and in grocery stores. This post will hopefully give you some ideas of where you can have your party and how to think creatively about finding others. Also, at the end of this post, there is an opportunity to win a magic set so let the reading begin 🙂

1) 80% of my shows are performed in NYC apartments. Although some of these apartments are owned by Robin Leach’s crowd (the rich and famous), many take place in small living room areas. I don’t need much space. I bring my own table and Marshmallow the bunny and Fluffy the snake don’t take up much room. Fluffy is a Ball Python-very friendly, but as its name suggests, she likes to curl up into a ball when she’s kept in a bag. If you have space for all of the kids to sit comfortably on the floor, having the party at your house might be the easiest and cheapest option. You don’t have to rent out a space and/or pay for food from a restaurant.

That being said, a party at your house will probably require moving and covering up some furniture, and unfortunately expecting food and drinks to fall on the floor. If your apartment/house is not large enough for the number of kids at the party or you don’t want your Picasso or great-great-great grandmother’s watch to get stepped on, definitely bring the balloons and good times somewhere else. Save yourself the hassle and worries. In NYC, there is no limit to where the party can be held. As with most of the country, unless you live in Lost Springs, Wyoming Lost Springs -Population 1 copy Lost Springs -Population 1you can find a plethora of other places that will be well-suited for you child’s party.

2) Besides your home, the park is another great option for a party. Most parks in NYC don’t require (or enforce) permits, but definitely make sure you have a contingency plan in case of rain. As long as it doesn’t rain, a couple of blankets, a cooler and a pizza shop that delivers is all that you will need.

3) Many restaurants have space for your little ones. Lost Springs -Population 1 Many pizza restaurants have a back room/party room where kids can either sit on the floor or in chairs. I always prefer the floor-my show is very interactive and I always encourage the kids to move around and participate. Pizzerias like Pizzeria Uno (Pizzeria Uno Locations) tend to have a place for parties. In NYC, call a bunch of pizza shops in your neighborhood. If they don’t have a back room, many will open up early just to accommodate the party. The same is true for many Frozen Yogurt Shops. I’ve done dozens of shows at Menchie’s Locations and 16 Handles Locations and I know many similar places do the same. When I’m at these locations, the parties are usually from 10 am-11:30am. This way the store can still open on time at noon, the children are all rested and in good moods, and the parents have the remainder of the day stress free. It’s a win-win-win! 🙂

4) In addition to restaurants, you may want to ask some local businesses that have a lot of space. In my neighborhood, a realtor has a basement which is rarely used. It is carpeted, has chairs and a few tables, and a refrigerator for the staff. I never knew they rented out their basement until I did a show there, but it worked great. Once balloons and some decorations were brought in, the bare basement was quickly transformed into a party room. Also, I’ve performed at close to 100 children’s shows in NYC bars. Similar to the frozen yogurt shops, bars aren’t typically open in the morning. However, many don’t mind allowing a birthday party with 20 non-rowdy, sober kids inside to make a few extra bucks. I’m a huge fan of Rodeo Bar in NYC. Their staff is very nice and there is even a stage. Kids love to be on stage during the show 🙂 A place that is welcoming to the kids and the children’s magician is definitely a win-win.

There are certainly more places to have a child’s birthday than the 4 options that I’ve mentioned, so please let me know of other creative places where you have had your child’s party.  Finally, here are some of the more unusual places where I’ve performed for a child’s birthday party: Grocery Store (near the lobsters), Private Yacht, Upscale Boutique (while shoppers were in the store), and in a completely empty apartment (the parent’s had just sold the apartment and they were moving the following day). [DISPLAY_ACURAX_ICONS]

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