Magic Show in NYC – Packages & Workshops

magic shows in NYCBirthday Magic Show (ages 3-10)

While a room full of kids is enough to overwhelm most parents (and even some entertainers), it’s no problem for Magical Dave – he is a full-time NYC teacher (with a Master’s in education) and a dad of 2! This 60-minute magic show is guaranteed to be non-stop laughter from beginning to end.

  • All of the tricks are interactive, age-appropriate, and perfectly silly!
  • The show begins when the birthday child helps Magical Dave make Marshmallow the rabbit and Fluffy the snake appear!
  • After the show, all of the children receive balloon animals and the birthday child is the center of attention once again to receive many, many extra balloons!
  • All of the children can meet and pet Marshmallow and they can even hold Fluffy the snake! (a great photo opportunity!)
  • Each child can have a wonderful gift bag that is filled with tons of items that are all related to Magical Dave’s show!

magic shows in NYC

Dave arrives with everything needed to entertain your guests for a full 60 minutes—a live rabbit, a live snake, a table full of tricks—and even party bags! Nothing is scary is the show and Magical Dave’s shows are 100% guaranteed! If you or your child does not enjoy the show – you don’t have to pay!

Magical Dave’s Magic Workshop (5 and older)

magic shows in NYCKid’s like watching magic, but they really love learning magic and then getting to perform it! This magic show and group class is GUARANTEED to be unique, fun, and educational for your child and their friends! This workshop will interest all children in magic, help boost their self-esteem and have them fooling their family and friends by the time the party is over! This is a magic class and magic show all in one!

  • During the Magic Workshop.  Magical Dave teaches the children how to perform 1-4 amazing magic tricks! These are great tricks that most Magicians perform during their show.  Everyone keeps the tricks they learn, as well as receive a terrific party bag. (No other entertainer does this!) The party bags save you a lot of time, stress, and money!  The skills, complexity andmagic shows in NYC cost of the tricks vary depending upon the ages of the children and your budget!
  • After completion of the workshop, Magical Dave presents each child with the highly coveted “Magic Certificate”, confirming their achievement
  • Many studies have shown that magic can improve fine motor skills, boost self-esteem, encourages creativity, problem-solving, and helps to develop key character skills such as persistence, grit, and patience.  Dave started learning magic when he was 8, and he can’t imagine his life without it.  Through magic, Dave has been able to overcome his shyness (and even got dates from it!) Take a look at this study:

In Summary:

Magical Dave arrives with everything needed to entertain your guests for a full 60 minutes – a live rabbit, a live snake, a table full of tricks—and even party bags! Dave has tons of different show-options to fit your needs – but no matter which package you choose, he guarantees (100%!) that your child & their friends have a great time, and it will be hassle free for you!.